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The Cheese Ripening Process And Humidification Variables

If you will be adding more cheese varieties to your inventory and plan on manufacturing the products in a factory setting, you may be in need of a new humidification process. The ripening of cheese is a critical step that may necessitate the use of a programmable humidifier. 

Ripening Methods

Humid conditions promote the breakdown of protein. Protein decomposition will influence the taste and texture of cheeses. A ripening method can involve placing cheese within a room that is relatively warm. Leaving cheese exposed to a temperate environment that is not regulated may result in production inconsistencies, however.

Cheeses mature at varying intervals. Some varieties may require an introductory humidity level that is relatively low and require another humidity level at a later date. A commercial humidifier that contains a thermostat and programmable features will allow an end-user to regulate atmospheric moisture levels. 

Timeframe Variables

Some of the best cheeses that are enjoyed globally may undergo a ripening process that is lengthy. It is not uncommon for cheeses to require months or years to mature. The use of a large humidification device that provides direct moisture to an enclosed area will keep products protected from sunlight, dry or wet contaminants, and other substances within a commercial facility.

Before purchasing a unit that is designed for cheese fabrication humidification, research the timeframe variables for various cheese varieties. This will help you pinpoint whether one humidification unit or multiple units will provide you with the necessary resources to produce the amount of cheese that you have planned on. If only one or two cheese products are being added to your inventory or if you have limited space, a mobile humidifier may be what you would like to initially invest in.

A High-End Unit

If high-quality ingredients will be used during the cheese production process or if you will be rotating the types of cheeses that are manufactured onsite, a larger unit with a self-contained storage area will protect the curd molds that are undergoing an active ripening process. The venting system that will acclimate the storage area may be located along the top or bottom of the unit.

A complex humidifier unit may contain lighting, locks, and programmable technology. All of these features will allow you to customize the conditions within the ripening area. The addition of an upgraded humidifier may support the production of more consistent products that possess a flavor, color, and texture that is highly regarded by your consumers.