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Using Pavement For Your Parking Lot

Permeable pavement is a great material for your parking lot. It has practical and environmental properties and works well in most climates. It is also versatile and available in many forms. In some cases, permeable pavement may be the more economical choice. Here is more information about permeable pavement for parking lots, it's advantages and types. That way, you can know more and decide whether it is right for you.

Types of Permeable Pavement

Permeable pavement is available in a wide variety of types. Most will easily support vehicle use. Here are some of the materials used in permeable pavement in parking lots.

Porous Asphalt

This type of asphalt doesn't look or behave much differently from other types of asphalt. The main difference between this kind and those other asphalt types is that it is coarser to let water flow through.

Pervious Concrete

Like asphalt, most types of concrete are fairly porous. However, this type is made of coarse aggregates that allow water to pass through more easily without puddling.

Plastic Pavers

Plastic pavers are durable grids that you can lay down and fill with dirt or gravel. You can even design them to let grass grow through. These pavers have been used in parking lots in Europe for years.

Benefits of Permeable Pavement

The main benefit of permeable pavement in parking lots is they are great for reducing stormwater issues and ponding. These pavements are made to absorb water and direct it into the ground like natural dirt instead of pouring it into a storm drain. It is also great if you need to place a parking lot where there are large trees with big roots. Permeable pavement also tends to have better heat dissipation.

Other Uses for Permeable Pavement

Besides parking lots, you can also use permeable pavement in other ways. Some types of permeable pavers work great for walkways with the same drainage issues. They can be used to shore up erosion on trails and pathways. Permeable pavement works great around the backyard or garden. It allows you to create beautiful displays and designs, yet still allow for good air and water flow through to the ground.

Permeable pavement is very useful whether you want to put in a parking lot, driveway, or use it in your yard. Some permeable pavement materials, like porous asphalt, can last for a long time if properly maintained. Other materials may last even longer. If you want to know more about permeable paving products, then contact a permeable pavement dealer.